Safe Sex Aquarium How to buy Aquarium fish

Safe Sex Aquarium How to buy Aquarium fish


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How to buy aquarium fish. Look, I am joking around in this video but it is far from a joke. I am sure that anyone who has been keeping fish for any amount of time will tell you that not quarantining their fish has resulted in killing all kinds of fish. It happens. Ask Bryan about the time he added 30 pentazo barbs and they whipped out his existing school of them, and then all died. He also added a bunch of Serpae Tetras one time that whipped out over 12 glass cats…. I could go on about the time I introduced internal parasites into my rainbow tank by bringing some skank fish home with me… Make sure to double and triple check your new fish before you add them to your aquarium. The safe sex aquarium baby!

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