Safe buying and selling tips on Craigslist and Bag Giveaway

Safe buying and selling tips on Craigslist and Bag Giveaway

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Happy Monday to all of you out there. Thanks to the big response on the previous bag review I am giving away the Phantom 4 backpack from CasePro today!

Today’s main topic are some thoughts / tips for helping you to safely buy and sell equipment online in places like Craigslist and others.

Over the past few years I have bought a countless amount of equipment online, most often utilizing Craigslist. I have had good experiences and bad experiences. Follow these easy tips below for safe transactions:

Anytime I am buying something from someone I am only meeting either at a safe well traveled Starbucks, during daytime hours if possible or inside a bank.

When you are the buyer, the “seller” knows how much money you are going to have on you and it makes you an easier target. I always try to arrive earlier, if the person asks what I looking like I describe something other than what I am wearing and ask them the same. Then I watch for them to arrive and assess if it is someone safe to deal with.

In the event of a transaction where there is a good amount of money in play I will insist that we meet inside of a bank and only after I check everything do I make a withdrawal at that time and purchase the product.

Again meet in a safe public place, if you have to meet at your home because it is something large try and have the item outside your home so you aren’t letting anyone inside your house.

Carry a counterfeit money pen to check bills, look for duplicate serial numbers and compare the paper to other bills that you may have on you.

If you are going to accept payment through paypal or square or another method. Prepare a bill of sale, have the person sign it and stipulate on the bill of sale where they sign that it is final sale, the item was received and there are no returns. This has saved me a couple of times.

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Hope you guys have an awesome week!

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