Ring Doorbell Review – WiFi Doorbell / camera security system with Internet intercom

Ring Doorbell Review – WiFi Doorbell / camera security system with Internet intercom

Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/nqz23 (affiliate link) – The Ring WiFi Doorbell is well designed and works as advertised although it isn’t very useful without a monthly fee. See more home security products here: http://lon.tv/securitycams


00:02 – Ring and Famebit paying for positive reviews
01:27 – Installation and how it works
01:46 – Battery life
02:32 – Motion and notifications
03:24 – Intercom functionality (it works over the Internet too!)
04:15 – Video quality and samples
04:47 – Mobile app and cloud service cost discussion
07:17 – Motion detection and configuration
08:40 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The Ring Doorbell is a nice product that does what it says it can do. Set it up outside a door and it installs with very little difficulty both in its software and physical installation. It works over Wifi and pairs up with mobile phones running Android, iOS, or Windows.

When somebody is at the door the Ring doorbell will push a notification to the mobile phone it’s paired with. This happens if the person rings the doorbell or if the Ring detects motion. The mobile device can act as an intercom with the ring and it’s possible to communicate even over the internet. Very cool stuff.

I suggest purchasing the chime accessory so the doorbell can be audible inside the house.

My only gripe is that the cloud service is a necessary component of the functionality. Without paying the per month or year fee none of the motion or door bell footage will be retained for any length of time. What’s worse is that Ring will charge an additional monthly or annually for each additional device added to the account. This is on the top of the 9 cost of entry. It would be nice to have a local recording option or at least some limited storage on their cloud server.

I can recommend this product as a functional doorbell and security system.

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