How To Pick The Best Home Safe | Tips On Buying A Home Security Safe

How To Pick The Best Home Safe | Tips On Buying A Home Security Safe — Finding the best home safe for your needs is an important way to preserve your valuables from a variety of unfortunate situations. Depending on the brand or model you choose, a quality small home security safe can protect contents from fire, theft, water and sometimes a combination of all three. The safe buying process can sometimes be confusing though so in this short article I’m going to explain three things you should remember when looking for the best home safe to buy.

Tip #1 –The Best Rated Home Safes Are Certified By Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Any top home safe you purchase should have an accredited rating from Underwriters Laboratories or UL for short. Underwriters Laboratories has been doing product safety certification since 1894 and is the #1 authority when it comes to testing the quality of a variety of products.

Underwriters Laboratories tests safes on how long they can stand up to a variety of situations like break-ins or fires. They then provide UL home safe ratings based on how effective they were in each test.

For example, one popular fireproof home safe is both UL classified for 1 hour fire protection and UL classified for a 15 foot drop test. When reviewing any home safe, you should be able to find its UL rating right on the box or webpage you are researching it from.

Tip #2 — Make Sure The Security Safe For The Home You Choose Is Big Enough.

While this might sound self-explanatory you would be surprised how many people think they are getting the best home safe for the money only to find out that it’s not big enough for their prized possessions. To avoid this problem, I suggest gathering all your valuables and getting a measurement. Then compare this measurement with the dimensions of the potential home safes you are reviewing.

Tip #3 — Choose The Best Lock System For Your Home Safe Needs.

The last thing you should consider when choosing the best home security safe is what type of locking system you want. While the majority of new home safes have electronic locks some still use the tumbler locks too.

Electronic locks have a keypad where you simply enter a combination for fast access to your home safe. These usually run off of a 9 volt battery that will need to be replaced from time to time. A few advantages to electronic locks include fast access to your belongings and it’s easy to change your combination if needed.

Tumbler locks are the traditional locks where you move a dial back and forth to a unique set of numbers. While these locks take a little longer to get into, you also don’t have to worry about using batteries to access your valuables. One drawback to tumbler locks is that it’s usually difficult to change your combination and requires the assistance of a certified locksmith.

In closing, I hope the things I’ve outlined give you a better understanding on how to select the best home safe for you needs. To get more in-depth information PLUS read home security safe reviews on the best brands and models, check out our website at: