Buyer Tips To Help Prevent Paypal Scam / Fraud! (When Buying Sneakers)

Buyer Tips To Help Prevent Paypal Scam / Fraud! (When Buying Sneakers)

How to prevent PayPal scam / Fraud, and are u protected? When you are buying a pair of sneakers on the open market, there are some risks involved that you should be aware of! there are a couple rules that you should follow, the most important one is to buy from a trusted source, and to never send money as a GIFT unless you trust the person. Here is a video with some tips from the buyers perspective when trying to use paypal to complete a purchase.

Invoice – if u get invoice and buyer gets bag of rocks, then the buyer opens case as not as described. Seller has funds frozen until proven innocent.
Gift – only send as a gift if a trusted person or u can lose out.

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