A Few Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars

LockawaysafesThere are some remarkably easy and affordable home security tips which can all help to prevent your home from being targeted by thieves. One thing which is very important is to have plenty of lights, locks and noise. Something as easy as an automatic timer to make passersby think there is someone home when the house is empty may be enough to deter a thief from trying his luck. Spend a couple of dollars on a “Beware of the Dog” sign and they’ll be sure to think twice – even if you don’t actually have a dog.

Privacy fences around a garden or yard not only provide privacy for the home owner but also privacy for any potential burglars who will be able to go about their unscrupulous business without having to worry about prying eyes.
External doors should always be made from solid wood, not the cheaper, hollow method of manufacture and should always be fitted with a deadbolt and a cylinder lock for added security. Bars should be fitted to windows, particularly side windows which a thief could break and use as a means of entry without being seen.
Other top home security tips include:
* Have a home security system installed in your home. If this is too expensive for you then there are some very cost effective window and door alarms on the market. These wireless alarms are triggered if someone opens the window or the door.
* Keep all of your bushes well trimmed so that they don’t provide good cover for would be burglars.
* Keep your home well lit. Sensory lights at the front and back of the property will not only help to keep your home safe from burglars but also enable you to have easy access if you arrive home after dark.
Just follow these few simples tips which will certainly make any would be burglar stop and think twice before they try to enter your home.