Home Security Tips 101

Home Security Tips 101

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Become a Home Security Pro!
Precautions that every Home-Owner Should Take
Hey Guys This is Chaim Binstock here…
The real way to ease your life?
… keep things simple!
That goes for Home Security as well!
Every homeowner should learn about sound Home Security…
…How to sort through an
of information that exists on subject?
Here I’ll show you:
the BASIC things you need to do
home security strategies
keep your home safe
The Golden Rule
Prevention is better than Cure
Prevent a Break in to Your Home
Although these tips will help to try and prevent a break in from occurring, they will not actually stop the most determined of burglars from gaining access to your home if they really want to
Don’t let an unknown person look into your house… even if they tell you a sob story…
Might just be casing !
Going away?
Turn off ringers on all your phones!
…Lets thieves know you’re not home – increases chances of getting robbed!
Going away?
Prevent fires – clear up your yard often … especially during the hot months.
Most break-ins and burglaries – door or window left open or unlocked…
Around 1/3 of all burglaries – intruder gained access to home through a back window or a door!
Handle locks are very easy for a burglar to get into…
…best for YOU to install good quality deadlocks to all entry points into your home
When locked with a key, you will need a key to unlock it:
automatically lock itself when door is closed
Easy to lock yourself out!
shutting door
physically rotating the key – throws bolt into locking position
…lock only as effective as the actual strength of the door itself…
…weakest area around any door is where the lock is located
…especially true for wooden doors
Traditional deadbolts — now install much longer ones
Replace main entry doors — much sturdier ones
Wooden doors — reinforcements, especially frame
Patio doors — sawn off metal pole
Sliding Patio Doors
…distinct disadvantages compared to other doors…
…usually come with much less sophisticated locks
…older models easily lifted off of the tracks that they run on!
Provide intruder :
quickly view what is available
Window locks visible from outside – efficient deterrent
May need more than one per window
Protecting Windows
Thumb Turn Locks – not secured by key. Have to smash window glass to gain access to lock, then operate it
Key Locks – the best!
On upper floors – prevent young children from falling!
Shrubbery and trees:
… provide ideal coverage
… provide ways to gain access to your home easily and quickly
Great, effective deterrents!
Mount high up at each corner of your home:
Burglar Alarms/Home Security Systems
Battery-operated or hard-wired
Put signs around home – show that you have a security system in place!
Ultrasonic alarm devices for doors and windows
Wireless intercom unit – can hear …!
Surveillance Cameras
Motion-sensor lights around home
…keep fresh light bulbs so that they continue to work correctly!
Choose alarm system that protects the doors … AND windows!
Favorite entry points for a thief!
…Keep your family safe.
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